We recently engaged Alex Merlin Consultancy Ltd to assist in increasing the numbers of completed online surveys we were able to secure from Manufacturing firms across the UK for a project for Anglia Ruskin University. Liz quickly established what we would need to manage the project and also helped in the creation of the marketing materials and emails to send out. She then was able to manage that side of the process for us - from sending out the details to following up with calls and was successful in bringing our total surveys completed rapidly up from what had been achieved previously. In a short space of a few months over 85 were completed. Liz also seamlessly became very much part of the research team leading us to implement changes she volunteered to improve the clarity of the questionnaire. We improved our own skills and strategies by working with her; if I had not seen collecting questionnaire data as a specific area of expertise, I do now!

I can recommend contacting Liz and her team at Alex Merlin Consultancy Ltd to assist with projects of this nature where a mixture of telephone and email work can give an impressive result in a short space of time. Liz can be relied upon to provide your research team with a professional ‘front of shop’.


I'm an academic and was preparing to launch a short research project in the UK in early 2020, with face to face focus groups planned for the empirical data collection – then Covid19 hit and we were all locked down. Needing an alternative in a very short space of time, Alex Merlin Consultancy came to our rescue and were, frankly, amazing!

After we reached out, Liz was able to quickly pick up the project and rapidly became a vital member of our research team. Her expertise was invaluable in assisting us in translating our focus group plans into an interview question script, creating a data collection tool that could be delivered effectively over the phone, with no loss of data quality to the project. Her background in psychology was invaluable here, and she was able to advise as to what worked well/doesn't work within her specialist space of telecoms.

She then carried out the interviews via phone for us, mobilising a snowball sampling technique with a level of skill that meant we reached our required sample size incredibly quickly. Her data capture was exceptional, and her ability to understand the whole research process and our aims was incredibly helpful throughout.

Overall, Liz was highly professional, incredibly efficient and demonstrated exceptional levels of both diligence and skill. Without her input this project would simply not have met its deadlines successfully. Her efforts made an invaluable contribution to the peer-reviewed research paper that subsequently presented this project in an international journal, further evidencing the quality of her work.

I highly recommend Alex Merlin Consultancy, and Liz especially, for this kind of academic research work. Liz is able to engage people in a way that makes them want to get involved and contribute – something not always so easy in research – and delivers to the highest standards required by academia. I would even recommend building Alex Merlin Consultancy into your project funding costs from the very start, to make sure you have the best support and data collection team in place for your next research project!

Highly recommend Liz for telesales, Liz is a friendly person and really gets to know your business before she does the calls. Provides excellent feedback from each call made and has one of those brilliant phone voices which always helps. A great response and Liz is brilliant to work with. Highly recommend without hesitation and thank you for all your help.

Liz was recommended to us just over a year ago, and she is now a critical partner of our business. She originally came to provide telesales training and I’ll be honest prior to attending her class I was very cynical. I only planned to pop my head in, but ended up staying for the day. I’ve never actually met anyone who likes telesales as much as she does and it’s quite infectious. I ended up making calls too! She really is very good and I’ve recommended her services to others. Definitely happy to recommend Liz and look forward to our continued business relationship.

Liz is fabulous! The end…..well not quite the end.

Her bright and bubbly personality will convert your potential customers into genuine prospects and live customers. She gets to understand your business, the right questions to ask your prospects and is adept at getting them onboard and a part of your audience. 50 phone calls a day is no mean feat and something most business owners would dread but Liz is able to achieve that and provide all the feedback needed to connect you with your best potential customers.

I would never fail to recommend Liz and AMC to any business - her enthusiasm and results are phenomenal.

I have worked with Liz for many years, she is an expert at what she does. Liz’s warmth and humour shine though both in person and over the phone which helps her to get results we could not achieve without her as part of the team. Working with Liz adds a lot of value to our business, and I look forward to working with her for a long time to come.

I was really pleased with the calling work Alex Merlin Consultancy completed for me. Liz worked hard to establish the background to the calls to make them as effective as possible and we have had work bookings and repeat work bookings from her calls. I can highly recommend Alex Merlin for any outbound sales calls you may need to make. If you need telemarketing- look no further!

I was delighted with the telemarketing project Alex Merlin Consultancy Ltd carried out on our behalf. They were able to confirm many more appointments than expected and doubled the rate my team were able to book. They carried out the calls in a professional and timely way. The report we received was detailed and gave me further information we will be able to use in future to target potential clients. I will certainly look to use them again in future. Highly recommended!

I recently had Alex Merlin Consultancy complete a calling project for my business and have been delighted by the results- appointments from the days worked have taken place and feedback from those I met with were very positive about who they spoke to- feeling they were warm, engaging and professional. It has been a great experience and I have booked for more work already!

I used Liz at Alex Merlin to follow up on a mailshot sent out to my client base with excellent results. Liz's preparation was detailed and methodical, producing a plan to suit my exact requirements. Liz is friendly yet professional and produced contacts, leads and bookings for my business. The quality and depth of her feedback to me was exceptional. Thank you Liz.

Liz is a very personable, shrewd and professional telemarketer. An excellent listener, she swiftly takes a brief and works alongside you, gently coaxing you towards the perfect campaign strategy. Then she implements it using her deep emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. Her approach and personality inspire confidence in prospective clients, and she presents herself as an integral member of the team.

Without our own in-house telesales staff, Liz's calls have been the perfect way for us to add telesales to our marketing activities. We started to see the positive results of Liz's work from the outset, and she is very skilled in developing and maintaining ongoing relationships with potential customers. The market in which we operate (IT) is highly specialised, and I have every confidence that Liz communicates an effective understanding of our services during her calls.

Liz you are insightful and highly individual in what you do for clients. The time invested by you to really understand Elianna and what we do delivered exceptional results. Where others may have stopped at the first hurdle you persisted and always ensured you connected with the real decision makers. Your work has been so effective it has been a struggle to keep up with the follow ups. Thank you and I look forward to working with you again.

Liz provides a quality service - I have heard that repeatedly from business colleagues who have benefited from her telemarketing and training services. Liz is extremely conscientious, astute, and very professionally focused. I have no hesitation in recommending her - your business will be the better for your association with Alex Merlin Consultancy.

We hired Alex Merlin Consultancy for a specific telemarketing project and have been impressed with the service which we received from Liz - her approach is thorough and professional which has been translated into a phenomenal response from our clients. Throughout the day, Liz kept us briefed of her progress, and we received a thorough report with positive, credible and worthwhile actions to be undertaken. Our follow up work has been targeted and therefore less wasteful on resources. We shall certainly be using Liz again for similar projects and would recommend her wholeheartedly to any business looking for positive telemarketing results.

Liz is great with people, enthusiastic and above all else a real professional. She has a brilliant attitude and is a fine example of a highly successful business developer.

Liz presents our business and its services to potential clients with friendly personable ease and has gained us a high regard within our market sector.

I have used Liz's telemarketing skills on a number of occasions and she has always achieved excellent results for my company. She is personable and professional and I would not hesitate to recommend her services. Liz has also provided my company with training sessions which have been invaluable.

Liz delivered fantastic results when she undertook a telemarketing campaign for us. She took time to understand what we were trying to achieve and asked some searching questions to ensure she understood our proposition. She was totally professional but highly personable in everything she did and I highly recommend Liz. In fact we've booked her for a campaign running over six months - she's that good!

It is always a pleasure working with Liz. Her ability to absorb the beliefs, needs and approach of your business before making calls on your behalf is eye opening. Her calm but confident manner builds a trust which allows me to concentrate on other areas of the business happy to leave Liz making calls to our leads.

Liz has helped us either make first contact with prospects or re-visit old contacts. Liz has then established relationships with these contacts and gained fresh and relevant information from them, which we can then use to follow up. Liz maintains a high professional manner at all times. She produces hot leads for us to chase up and gives us detailed call notes that we can refer back to which allows us to be accurate. Liz's service has been invaluable and is indeed great value for money, she is always just a phone call away and is very friendly and easy to approach.

Liz's work rate is phenomenal, I don't know how she does it. She is cheerful, personable and highly professional. Her approach is very natural and her enthusiasm shines through in her telephone manner. As a result she has made many good contacts for me and I would highly recommend her services.

Liz is an effective and skilled telemarketer who manages intelligent and insightful telemarketing campaigns. The detailed feedback Liz provides is as gratefully received as the opportunities she generates. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

We hired Alex Merlin Consultancy to work on a specific telemarketing project over a number of days contacting local businesses and were delighted with the results. Liz works hard to ensure she understands the messages to be conveyed and to appreciate what our business can offer others. We had feedback that she was a pleasure to speak with and ensured that the working relationships we could build from the calls were established in the best way to start with. From just a few days work she secured us opportunities to take on new clients which have values of £1000 and £6000 per year to our business. Excellent work! I would recommend Alex Merlin Consultancy highly.

We commissioned Liz to work with one of our most long-standing clients, looking at the telesales skills and approaches of one of their key account teams. The team had previously done very little reviewing of the styles used, and almost no training, so the session with Liz was an important step. They are already good, but wanted to check that they weren't missing any opportunities.

Liz provided them with a very practical and effective checklist, as well as setting standards for performance and monitoring. Importantly, she shared practical strategies, bringing the theory to life with examples and demonstrations. It's one of Liz's strengths that she practices what she teaches, so there's real credibility in her delivery.

The team responded positively and are applying the lessons learned to measurable effect.

We recommend Liz without reservation - she delivers!

Liz very quickly understood our particular skills and USPs. Her experience and personality ensured that she was able to clearly present our business to potential clients in a very friendly and efficient manner. Her results exceeded my expectations today so well done and thanks Liz!

We were looking for an organisation that could provide short-term telemarketing assistance. Liz is a great communicator, likeable, detailed and highly professional. She worked patiently to understand our needs, objectives and provided guidance on how we could best execute our plan. I have no qualms in recommending her to anyone looking for someone to provide telemarketing resource. A value for money service we will be using again.

Liz is an exceptional Telemarketer and I have been able to refer her to many of the companies I work with knowing she will perform well for them and bring her natural flair to their marketing requirements. Her Telemarketing Training courses have benefited many of my clients who required a helping hand in setting up and managing their own Telemarketing function internally- the feedback has always been very good and clients frequently report back that she has an excellent training manner. I would highly recommend Liz and Alex Merlin Consultancy.

Using her exceptional telemarketing skills Liz has teased out a number of 'live' video requirements for me and has also identified key personnel to keep in touch with on longer term opportunities. Her very professional approach when speaking with 'gatekeepers' achieves a very high success rate in being put through to the right senior executives and arranging for me to speak directly with them. I would strongly recommend Liz and her telemarketing services.

Great two day telemarketing training course! Well presented, professional and clearly well thought out strategic documentation of the course content bespoke to our business.

My company has just used AMC's services for the first time and we have been delighted with the results, both in terms of the number of doors that Liz opened and the quality of the contacts she made on our behalf. At our initial meeting, it became clear that Liz understood our products and was familiar with our target market - and that was a big advantage. We asked Liz to do two sessions, separated by a week, so she could follow-up where appropriate and catch those people who were unavailable the first time round. This seemed to work well and we will probably follow the same pattern next time we use AMC - which we certainly will.

We have used Liz's telemarketing services for well over a year now and have been very pleased with her work. As other people here have said, it is a big decision to outsource customer-facing work such as this, but I have absolutely no concerns in entrusting the representation of our company to Liz - in fact, I'm positive that her friendly, approachable and professional manner only enhances our reputation. Her itemised notes and feedback from the calls that she makes are extremely thorough and provide a good document from which our own staff can then work from. Thanks Liz, you are a pleasure to work with!

Liz delivers great quality results every time. She is prepared to really get to know you and your business needs, whilst having the ability to nurture relationships with clients and prospects quickly. The insights she is able to glean from her approach is of great value. Thanks Liz!

Liz has a real knack of connecting with people and building relationships. Her personable approach gains her results others can only dream of.

A massive thank you to Liz Couchman of Alex Merlin Consultancy. She recently conducted a campaign on our behalf with great success. Liz is a rare breed – intelligent, articulate and actually loves spending all day on the phone. If you are looking to either connect with your existing customers or find some new ones, look no further.

I would highly recommend Liz at Alex Merlin Consultancy as an outsource for telesales and telemarketing for any organisation. Liz picked up knowledge of our business and the specific area we were selling at the time very quickly indeed and certainly did her homework, so much so that the customers always believed that they were talking to someone at our company which is a must! She is a very personable character and is very good at what she does.

Liz always spends time getting to know my business and the type of clients I'm looking for, so that whenever there is a lead it's a qualified lead. I can't ever imagine using anyone else who has the same experience, passion and hence results for our telemarketing campaigns.

Liz is an exceptional telemarketer. Not only does she have a lovely personality ideally suited to her role, she is a consummate professional. She has the ability to get past receptionists to get a contact or lead. In addition, she has the drive, intuition and persistence to always get a result.

I found Liz to be extremely enthusiastic and great value for money. I will certainly use Liz again for telemarketing work.

I have contracted Liz for several months to run specific sales campaigns for my company. Liz's approach from day one was professional and open, I knew exactly the service I was to receive and she managed my expectations well. And then she did her job and... wow!!! She took my expectations, ripped them up and threw them in the bin, the service she supplied and the results I have seen have been fantastic. I continue to work with Liz each month and each month she gets better.

Liz is warm and friendly, and an effective front line - capable of generating valuable introductions at the highest level.

Liz is an extremely affable person who has the uncanny knack of making direct contact with decision makers. Her enthusiasm for the task is matched only by her professionalism and the results she achieves.

Liz is highly motivated and produces a high quality of work and excellent results in a difficult discipline. She is extremely personable but at the same time very professional in her attitude. I highly recommend Liz to anyone who wants independent telesales work or training.