• Does your team already have someone capable of making your sales calls?
  • Could they benefit from a two day course in Telemarketing skills?
  • Does your sales calling team make full use of current clients as well as new ones to increase your sales?

Here at AMC we are pleased to be able to offer to share our varied and wide experience in cold calling and in securing more sales from your current customers. Our two day course will cover all the required skills and offers practice in a safe environment to increase confidence on the telephone for your team and lead to a better success rate in cold calling for you.

Calling & Training Packages

Unique offering from AMC - We can carry out one or two days calling then incorporate the findings in a bespoke training day for your staff

Carrying out initial calls from your database will allow us to focus your training days around specific sector objections, can test the strength and accuracy of your current data as well as add value to the training by being able to use real-time examples of findings on the course. What better way to gain buy-in from attending delegates if calls were made beforehand to use actual examples which are relevant to them?

Whether you have a new member of staff who could begin making calls for you as part of their remit, a current employee who wants to learn more and could be part of your new sales drive or someone in the office who shows potential but is not sure how to start a telemarketing campaign - this one or two day calling and training course could be the answer.

For further details of this course and how it could benefit your team please contact us. You may already have a great sales person in your office - let us help them to start working for you!