Let us here at AMC help you get the introductions to the clients you want!

  • Appointment Making
  • Cold Calling
  • Lead Generation
  • Testimonial gathering from current clients - including cross-selling of your other services
  • Delegate attendance confirmation calls
  • Telesales calls to follow up quotes
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • B2B Sales calls
  • Telemarketing following up e-shots and mailings

Telemarketing Calls Completed

AMC will work from your own database - which will be returned to you after the project -with all calls recorded and information from each call added in detail. We include a full information gathering service as standard. Your data will be updated as necessary with correct contact details for new contacts and direct lines, mobile numbers, email addresses and websites for clients added where possible. All calls are completed on a discretionary basis so it will appear someone is calling directly from your organisation and a professional manner will be adhered to at all times.

Your message for the sales calls

We will take a detailed brief from your organisation as to your unique selling points, services offered and what you hope for us to achieve from the calls. We will also discuss objections you have come across and the best strategy for our calls to fit into your current marketing plan. We aim to work WITH you to ensure the most can be gained from the calls.

Diary Management for appointment setting

Clients work with us in different ways to ensure the diary dates booked out for appointments are confirmed up front to be suitable in your diary. We can either take down certain dates from you the day of the calling allowing you to 'block them out' for the duration of the day- and any not filled can then revert back to free following the day so you are not left with any time wasted. Other clients give us access to google calendars or remote access login's to check diary dates and enter the appointment there for them.

Email marketing to tie in with the telemarketing calls

We have the ability to send out emails following initial sales calls on your behalf- all it would require is to have an email set up to use from your company and remote access login to work on for the calling days allowing us to send out the emails in a timely fashion after speaking to a new prospect. We would work on a template email to use which contains the key sales messages and your USP's along with reference to the call just made. This can be a very powerful way to re-enforce the call. Of course some clients prefer to remain in control of the sending out of these emails which we can work to instead.