Telemarketing Days

Here at Alex Merlin Consultancy we try to keep things simple – charges are ‘per day’ for telemarketing calling so clients are able to select the number of days they wish to book in.

We contact 50 companies per day for clients and the charge is from £275 per day.

We take bookings from one or two days work right up to longer term contracts of a set number of days per month.

We are able to work with companies who wish to complete a set project to call a specific number of contacts in a set period of time- right through to companies who need a certain number of calls, producing leads and a pipeline of opportunities, to run each month.

We invoice after each calling day is completed and work to 14 day payment terms.

Telemarketing Training Days

All our training courses are written bespoke for your business and are either 1 or 2 days in duration (depending on the previous calling experience of the delegates).

We are able to work with groups of up to 6 Delegates per day and charges are from £500 per day.

Training courses are carried out at the clients premises.

We invoice the day after training is completed and work to 14 day payment terms.