Have you considered using an ongoing telesales approach to work from a large cold database to filter and pass leads through to you on a weekly basis?

Having a pipeline of leads which will mature at different times of the year is required to keep a continuous stream of new work coming through to businesses.

This is the lifeblood of most companies growth plans and giving the work to a trusted outsourced telemarketing company can provide you with the peace of mind to ensure those leads are handled effectively, passed to you in a timely fashion and detailed enough to see what is required as the next action from you.

Working to complete 50 calls per day we ensure the volumes of calls are carried out to find the all important leads but in a manageable way. We would complete the report to you highlighting the leads discovered from the calls and have recorded contact details for you to take the next step in following up the lead effectively.

Lead generation is especially important for companies operating in sectors which usually have strict renewal dates (eg: insurance brokers) or times of year when tenders for contracts are reviewed (eg: cleaning services). Finding out the important information as to who is involved in this process, when the deadline is for renewal and what month they will begin shortlisting for a supplier list is crucial and we would confirm this information for you.