We work on a day rate basis for companies- making outbound sales calls on their behalf to a list of potential clients they wish to connect with.

Initially we will ask you to complete a Client Crib Sheet for us so we can have in your words the key messages to get across on each call, plus it covers things like expected Objections and how to respond, Objectives for the calls and all the contact details for the day including dates available from your diary to book appointments straight away on the calls.

We will then also ask for a list of the 50 companies you want us to approach on your behalf. This is best as a spreadsheet and needs to include the telephone numbers and, if you have them, contact names - but these can be discovered for you on the call and the spreadsheet populated fully during the calling day.

Your telemarketing day or days will be confirmed with us and on that day we will call the 50 companies and note down all call responses, Leads, Appointments, New contacts and contact details etc on the spreadsheet which will be returned to you at the end of the day.

The spreadsheet is colour coded for you to see the most urgent and important Leads and Appointments from the day and actions for you to complete following the calls (eg: emails to be sent out).

All calls are completed in an undisclosed way – so as if we are part of your business for the day using your company name throughout. This way our calls can seamlessly fit in with your other marketing activities.

Invoicing takes place once the calls are finished and we work to 14 day payment terms.

And remember… if you only want to make one call…make it to AMC!